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Size Definitely Matters 

Superior Size LLC is here to provide you with a solution to all of your self-esteem and sexual performance issues. Size matters and that is why we offer penis enhancement products that are guaranteed to add some length and girth to your manhood.

We will guide you through the process by instructing you on how to use the product properly. Do not rush and just follow the guidelines correctly. You will get the results you want in no time. For more information, call or email us today.


Get the perfect permanent penis size you have always wanted by turning to Superior Size LLC. We offer personal training of our revolutionary products that defy genetics. Using the items that we sell, you will feel the difference not just in your sex life but also in your overall confidence. Call or email us today for more information on the shipping process. In the meantime, you may browse through the items in our inventory below.

jes-extender light

jesextender light

jes-extender original

jes-extender original

jes-extender titanium

 Australian 1.34434

jes-extender titanium

jes-extender gold

india 68.0846

jes-extender gold

jes-extender platinum

singapore 1.35227

jes-extender platinum

 Contact us for additional information on our products. We would love to hear from you!

The MaleEdge Basic 

Product 1
The MaleEdge Basic penis enlarger package contains: MaleEdge Basic  Never compromising on performance, our entry level MaleEdge Basic comes in a classic blue and white carry case.  The MaleEdge Basic is the leanest Penis Enlarger package in our product range. However, it comes with all the necessary accessories and is made of high-quality material in order to ensure you the best results.    • MaleEdge Penis Enlarger  • Ruler/Measurer  • MaleEdge Product Box  • MaleEdge Rubber Strap  • One Extra Rubber Strap  • My MaleEdge Training Diary
MaleEdge Extra  If you’re looking for those added extras, our MaleEdge Extra is presented in a sleek green and black case as well as a handy travel bag so you can continue your programme, wherever you are.  The MaleEdge Extra penis extender  • One Year Warranty  • Access to Online Instructional Video 6 • Official MaleEdge Program  The MaleEdge Extra penis extender package contains:  • MaleEdge Penis Enlarger  • Ruler/Measurer  • MaleEdge Product Box  • MaleEdge Travel Bag  • Two Extra Rubber Straps  • One Protection Pad  • My MaleEdge Training Diary  • Forum Access / Community

MaleEdge Extra

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Product 2